why do I need a blog thinking

Why do I need a website? 12 convincing reasons

why do I need a blog thinking

Ever wondered that why do I need a website? well, I know the answer it is yes. Because you are here it is the proof, isn’t it?. I am gonna answer the age old question ‘Do I need a website ?’  However, before I do let’s explore a couple of scenarios where maybe you don’t need a website. Now as a multitasking small business owner, perhaps you enjoy your busy daily routine being constantly interrupted answering questions like what time you guys open? are you closed on Saturdays? Do you offer these particular types of products and services? Now alternatively, may be you are not looking to generate any awareness about your brand and the business who you are? what to do? what makes you unique? In addition to what discussed above, you are not looking to grow your business in any measurable way shape or form. If you feel your life is more difficult than it needs to be and you have no desire to generate any awareness about what you do then I don’t suppose a website would be of any benefit to you. Now I sincerely hope that you are one of those businessmen who likes to make the life more difficult and has no desire to grow at all.  Let’s see how a website helps in rapid growth and flourishing the business?

Why your business needs a website?

In this tutorial, we discuss why every business needs an online presence. A website helps potential customers to find your store location and hours of operation find your telephone number or email address, learn about your product and services, read testimonials from customers which also helps to establish your credibility and learn about special offers and promotions. Besides, this information helps even the smallest most locally based business connect with more customers online think of your website as open for business sign on the internet but unlike your business your website is open 24/7 here are a few things to think about before creating a website. Moreover, through a web side, you provide an easy access and a gateway to your valuable sincere customers. Here are the reasons that you are looking for!

Customer Demand

Recent research shows that nearly all online consumers to be more precise 97% of all American customers use online media when researching product and services even if the purchase is made offline. The trend of online business is capturing the market rapidly worldwide. In fact, 63% of American small business owners do not have a website at all. Is your business in that 63%? What stopped you from creating a website? maybe your business has plenty of customers may be you don’t sell anything online so why should you bother?.

Think Globalwhy do I need a website long run

The very first and most important thing is to think global. Do you know that global internet has reached more than the actual number of civilian people. Global internet users spent an average time of 16 hours per month while in the USA internet users spent 32 hours per month on average google searches reached 4.7 million per day. These analyses boost the necessity of website to promote the business activities swiftly. Almost each and everything from products/services skills ideas talent even yourself! Shocked 😮 haven’t heard the news a teenager girl selling herself on the internet, if not then let it go.

Cost Effective

You hardly need to run a store or any space. Now you need not to go door to door just to sell your products to your customers. Through a website, you can save more expenses and time. You can even control your business anytime anywhere. While the website does cost money to put up to the host. I think they pale in comparison to your advertising cost of newspapers, phonebook ads, trade magazines and printing costs like brochures, business cards and forms are kind of obsolete now and your sales cost should go down as well. No longer is your sales force going after leads, their closing sales because they are people further down in the sales cycle. We don’t have to go out and create that new relationship.

All in one Platform

In a website, you can easily display the best of your products and every bit of information that your customers need. It can be your store address via google map overview so that they may approach you without any trouble. Deals and instant contact us page so you can answer your customers’ queries within no time and satisfy them.

Business GoalsI need a website big thought

Yes, that’s right a website can help you to achieve your business goals because unlike your business, it is open all day and night. A website will work for you as another outlet of your shop. In this way, it might be helpful to double your sales.

Professional Value

Do you know how people recognize that they may be a big brand and must be professional because your business card has a link to your website. It not only gives authority to your website but you become more trustworthy.

Easy to Access Information

A website makes the process easy to know and understand simultaneously each and every detail of the product. It allows your customers to order your product anywhere at their convenience.

Opportunity with big players

do I need a website investors

With your own website, you’ll have more credibility and chances to approach investors and big companies impress them with your product and business proposals be ready to grab bigger opportunities for your business

Collect and utilize demographics data

Now you have an opportunity to see how many people come to your site, when they are coming, where they’re going, what pages they are visiting, how much time did they spend on it? You can also track all the conversion you like. sign-up for emails. Request for further information.

Increase the ease of customer interaction

This is the great way to educate your customer you can start off by creating a FAQs ( frequently asked questions ). You can also answer anybody’s email that goes beyond the faqs. If you have a newsletter you can constantly touch people with what you are doing?. What you got you do? every month or quarter whatever works for you.


Why do i need a website compititors

Ever wondered why your competitors are flourishing day by day. Because they not only banking their bank by their stores but also their virtual store ( website ) are working very well for them. You don’t want to make more money or what ?. Who on the earth doesn’t love to make money? If you make your online presence you may grab your competitor’s clients and flourish more than them.

Personalized email address

With your personalized email address ending with your custom domain address make you more trustworthy in the eyes of customers and investors. Don’t you think an email address [email protected] looks more appealing for example [email protected] is anyway better than [email protected]?

I think these reasons are enough to convince anyone. That it is compulsory to have website/blog for your business. If still you are not convinced then you will very soon realize what you have lost. It is the right time to get started.

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