What does more ram do for gaming?

As a gamer, you might have this question in your head at some point in time. Likewise, if you are reading this that is because you wanna know it don’t you?

More RAM is recommended for better gaming performance but for the most part, getting more RAM won’t give you an edge as after a certain point it won’t help you out. 16 GB ram is recommended however you should have at least 8 GB of ram or otherwise you know what happens.

It is been preached for years by hardware companies that the bigger the better but how much truth in that well that what we are about to found out bare with me a minute or two and all of your questions will be answered.

What is the purpose of RAM?

Let’s just skip the part where I should tell you what RAM stands for and blah blah.

Moving forward what RAM actually does is that it acts as a middle man between you secondary storage (which can be your hard drive or SSD) and CPU. Even though SSDs are faster than hard drives but they are not even closer to what RAM.

I am sure you still wondering but what kind of data does get load into RAM. Not all data which you CPU needs stay in RAM but what it needs frequently so it won’t have to call it from secondary storage again and again.

This is how your typical CPU works.

Factor to look for

It not just gigs of RAM which matter but there are certain things you should look for to get better gaming performance.


There is a common misconception that the higher the frequency the better the result you gonna get well… that’s the BS we get from advertisements.

There are so many frequency options that are widely available in the market from 2133 MHz to 4266 MHz, but does it really worth to get the fastest memory on the market on the expense of emptying your wallet.

let’s move straight towards the answer.

According to JEDEC (Joint electron device engineering council), anything above the 2400 MHZ is not recommended.

Again the same question everybody has so what about those shinny RAMs on Amazon which provides almost the double speed than the recommended.

Tbh, those are just fancy marketing to get more bucks out of your pocket.


Most games work fine on 8 GB of RAM but you want to make sure that you also have enough RAM so that background process works smoothly.

That’s why from the gaming perspective 16 GB of RAM is what most people recommend. In reality, you won’t be needing 64 GB so better not get attracted by the big number.

Final thoughts

Tbh, as a gamer myself, RAM doesn’t really give you very much increase in performance but getting a better graphic card certainly does.

As I have said before that after a certain point getting more is useless as games are designed this way.

You can verify my statement by starting your game and then open your task manager you can see that there is a fixed amount of RAM which you game make use of.

So basically if you have 16 GB of RAM and your game. For suppose uses 5 GB of RAM, your PC will run just as fine if you swap out 8 GB.

But keep in mind its not only game which needs RAM, your Operating system and background programs such as Anti Virus programs also needs RAM so you need to keep space for them too.

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