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vps vs vpn

Like other people seems that you are also confused? vps vs vpn

No problem I am here to teach you the basic difference between them


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server whereas VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPS is a virtual server in a remote location which you can access remotely and run applications or host your website on it. VPN works in the same manner as a proxy the only and important difference is that VPN provides encryption which means all the internet data you send or receive is converted into unreadable code so your data (web activity) is protected by an attacker or intruder.

btw if you dun know how the proxy works so let me explain it for you.

When you use the internet on your machine so it is connected to the requested web server directly which make all your online activities to be visible to all the snoopers. Like your location or even what you do over the internet. The proxy acts as a middle shield between you and the web server. As it alters your actual IP address which protects your login details being monitored to an intruder over the network. It also helps you to visit the blocked websites on your network with privacy.

You may be heard of VPN in association with privacy and geolocation. But what exactly is it? how does it work and what it can do for you? Well, let me explain.

Before we dive into VPN let talk about how the internet works.

How does the internet work? VPS VS VPN

Now at home, you probably got some kind of router or modem from your telephone company/internet service provider. Then that’s connected to your desktop via an ethernet cable to your smartphone over wifi maybe to a laptop over wifi and so on.

Now inside your house when your laptop talks to your PC or your phone talk to your PC that’s part of your private network and that does not go out on the internet. It just stays inside your house.


But the moment you open a web page somewhere out on the internet. Data flows through your modem down into your local phone company than out across the internet. It travels across the internet until it gets to the server. The server will then reply to some information that will come back through the internet into your local telecommunications provider down through to your modem and then to your PC.

while the data was rushing over the internet it needs to know where the data is going and for things to know where they going they need an address it is same with postal service and it is same when you go and visit somebody and its just same for the data on the internet.

Now there are different layer for addressing. Different type of addressing that go on but the highest level. Each of these packets of information have what’s called an IP address. Now the IP address you have probably seen them consist of four digits with dots in between them, from 0-255. For example 22.389.19.29.

Your modem or your router is probably been assigned an IP address from your ISP. What happens is when your data goes through the internet every piece of equipment it touches as if it is a router every server it touches knows that IP address. Especially when it gets to the web the other end that web server will probably log that IP address and log what is that you have requested.

The reason is that not actually they want to spy on you but because they are trying to collect data about the number of people that are connecting to the website when the peak periods are and for data analysis basically. For traffic analysis to be exact.

But of course there is another thing that we need to know IP address and that they are assigned in blocks so if you have an IP address all of your neighbors and all the people in your area will have the same IP addresses within the same block and there is a database that tells you where these blocks and address are assigned.

That means when the data arrives at the web server that you are connecting. He have a pretty good idea that where you are from? Certainly at the country level most definitely at the city level and maybe even down to a couple of blocks where your actual house is.

If you dun believe me go to whatismyipaddress.com and you can see what information can be found out about you just by going on that webpage.

No, of course, that is normally not a problem. The fact that I go to Facebook isn’t gonna cause problem to anybody. However, if I start to access stuff that is a bit more sensitive. Maybe I want to read about a physical problem that I have maybe I want to search for the topic which is taboo in our country or in the society in which I live in. Then suddenly these servers know where I am from and know about my IP address is a bit more concerning.

Moreover, most governments around the globe have a system. That they can demand from the ISP that actual person that was using a particular IP address on a particular date. So if they then come in and then say we want to find out that who was reading this particular topic. They can come to my ISP and give us that data. Depending on in which country and which laws in that particular country is. Maybe through a longer process or short process but basically, every state around the world has access to the information.

Should I connect to public Wifi? VPS VS VPN

It’s not only governments that we need to be worried about for example if you are in a coffee shop you are sitting in Starbucks and you are thinking great I got coffee and I got free internet.

public free wiifiNow, these open public Wifi hotspots are actually quite dangerous. it’s not difficult for anybody with a bit of technical knowledge to take a laptop and sit in a coffee shop. And to capture all of the data packets that are flowing around in the airwaves.

Because the Wifi point is open that actually none of our data is encrypted. It’s very easy to get hold of passwords to get hold of lists of websites that are being accessed. It’s even possible to get hold of contents of emails. Now, of course, there are software levels of encryption.

For example, WhatsApp uses end to end encryption and if that got captured it would be more difficult for the hacker get the contents of your messages.

However, an open free Wifi hotspot is basically open for access both for good and for bad things. But please please do not do any online banking or access websites like PayPal when you are connecting to your coffee shops Wifi just don’t do it. Okay.

Does Geo Location matter when accessing the internet?

Now another intrusting this about IP address is and about geolocations is that if I try to access content. That is the video content particularly and is for a particular country and if I am outside of that country so I dun have access to it.

does location matterLet’s just take a simple example lets just say I am traveling and I want to get access to my video streaming service. I can’t if I am outside of the country. Now that’s because the IP addresses arrive at the video streaming server. It says that IP address isn’t from this country I am gonna block its access. That’s what Hulu does.

Another intrusting thing actually that the pricing is different depending on, which country you are in. Now you may be trying to buy some cloud storage or maybe an online service. If you try to buy may be in the United States it would be a different set of price as compare when you try to buy it in Europe.

In also, in fact, a recent study shows that if you try to buy airplane tickets the price of exactly the same price, with exactly the same number of people, exactly the same airport is different depending on which country you accessing the website when you try to buy those tickets.

So GeoFancing Geo location actually changes things about how we access the internet. How we purchase service and how we buy goods depending on where we are.

Enough talks I guess let’s move towards what VPN does?

It allows you to create a tunnel connection from your home computer to a server somewhere else in the world and that connection is encrypted. Now if I access something on the internet it goes through that tunnel and then it arrives at the other server then it goes onto the internet. It finally then arrives at the web server or the service I am trying to use but my IP address will no longer be my IP address.

how vpn works

That IP address on that data packet will no longer be my IP address. You are actually the IP address of the VPN server. What happens is when it replies it replies to the VPN server. Then it is gonna send data packets to our original IP with encryption. VPS v VPN.

Now that allows for the whole bunch of possibilities for example first of all your telecommunications provider and your local government has no idea about the sites you are accessing. When you go through VPN.

Now when it goes beyond the VPN. Once it comes out of the VPN and then goes back into the open it goes back pass through all the router and things all this to get to the website and the website its self will register the fact that certain address comes it. But the address now is of be that of VPN server.

That also means that actually, it thinks that I am in a different country. so if I am trying to access media video streaming content if I am trying to buy things then actually it might set the prices or give me access or block access now depending on where the VPN server is not depending on where I am.

Should I use my public Wifi over VPN?

Yes, you should only use public wifi when you are using VPN service. Now If I use the public or coffee shop wifi now actually now my initial connection from my laptop out to the internet is completely encrypted. So if there was somebody sitting in the coffee shop connecting with a Laptop and trying to capture all the packets actually they weren’t able to get that much. Because it was all encrypted.

public wifi

Now how does it works and what you need to do. Well, the first thing is to get your self a VPN service. There is a hell lot of VPN service provider out there. Personally, I would recommend you Nord VPN. They are really good that’s what I can tell you from my experience.

If you buy a VPN what happens is you’ll get Username and Password and a list of servers. Servers in Europe servers in America servers in South America servers in Asia servers all around the world. Basically, you say I want to now create a Virtual private network a tunnel from my laptop from my PC or Android to this particular server in this particular country.

This all sounds great but are there some downsides?

There are a few downsides. The first one is, of course, you are sending your traffic deliberately maybe in the opposite direction where the service you need. For example, I am in Europe and maybe I make a connection to a VPN that’s in Asia and then I try to access a website that is in America. What happening now that I have to send the data halfway across the world and then halfway across the world again to get to that server so of course, that can be slower.

You are routing the traffic all over the place and it’s gonna be slower. Then if you are connecting directly to that service. Now also it could be slower because the VPN provider has a limited number of servers and it has limited bandwidth.

So therefore if there are lots of clients particularly in a busy time of day then connecting is gonna be slower because I am actually busy with other people. This is the major difference between a cheap priced VPN service provider and premium price. It is something you should watch for before choosing a VPN provider.

Of course, the other thing is that some countries have made the use of VPN illegal. I won’t mention now but it won’t take so much time to research. But remember before connecting to VPN in certain country google that if it is legal or not.

The other side is that some services actually block access when they see that a VPN is being used. Netflix is been on news recently as it tries to block access over VPN. If the IP address is recognized previously as a VPN server it will just block access.


The way a vps works is a physical server is separated into several virtual machines. Each vps operates completely independent of each other. So that they can run operating system of their own and set of applications.

This allows the power of dedicated hosting into much more cost effective, for web professionals and businesses. This way they start small and then gradually built up as they need more resources.

VPS typically come in two main configurations vps vs vpn

  1. Single server VPS
  2. Cloud VPS.

With a single server vps as it names suggest a number of vps can be hosted on one physical server. Whereas with cloud vps they are hosted across several physical servers.

Single server vps is a lower cost option because you only need one physical server to host multiple vps. The main drawback is this isn’t a scalable solution. You are limited to actual constraints of a physical server. Such as CPU ram or disk space also. This type of setup does not allow you for high availability. So basically you are putting all your eggs in one basket here.

Another option is a cloud vps in which many dedicated servers are linked together to make a hardware cloud. VPS is stored across several physical servers so this way. There is no single point of failure.

The beauty of could vps is even in the unlikely event. If there is a complete hardware failure or one of the servers. The vps will continue working because of the data stored on other servers. The failed server can be repaired and can be back into the hardware cloud.

I want to use eBay Amazon and PayPal which one is bettter for it vps or vpn?

Well here is another diffrence here, a answer for another group of people who google this. Thing is as you are googling it it might be for some reason you need to access internet from a certian geo location. Such as for people from those coutnries in which PayPal is not allowed, or you wanna open amazon seller account which you can’t open in your country due to restrictions.

So what is your next ressort, its to fake the geo location. You can do it by both of then from vps and vpn. But you wanna know which one is more secure and look man I need long term solution. Yeah man I understand. So here is the catch vpn expose your real ip due to dns leak or when for some reason your vpn got disconnected and you haven’t enabled Kill switch so your real ip is gonna show up.

So thats the problem with vpn. I am not saying that each and every vpn has this problem but there are big names which are on top of list so you gotta avoid those types of vpn. You can check out John’s post to get more info about it with fix.

Here is another down side with both of them. If the ip (vps or vpn) is already exposed. If it is exposed as a vpn ip or vps ip, then it is more likely is that it has been blacklisted. So make sure you dun go for cheap vpn or vps as there is a problablity that there ip is exposed and they haven’t changed it.

Conclusion | VPS vs VPN

By the end of this article. You may have already know what is the difference between VPN. But if you just have scrolled down till this now so let me explain it again. A vps is a virtual computer on which you can run applications. On the other hand, VPN is to hide your activities and route all your data through a tunnel so that nobody can know what you are doing.

If you are still confused about anything or want to add anything in it so feel free to use the comment box below.


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