Trafficmsoon pyramid investment scheme scammed 162 thousand people

Trafficmsoon owner

Do you know this face? probably no! but if yes then you might be got scammed already. For those who doesn’t know this man, let me introduce him. He is Charles Scoville, an American entrepreneur. He has a history of creating schemes so called ” Get rich quickly “.

Traffic monsoon was growing rapidly which had no end. A case was filed against his company and found guilty by the court. The scheme is now no longer available after fleeing 172.16 Million USD from approx 162 thousand people worldwide.

He said that his system was making money via online advertising. One could also make money by investing in his system and get paid for each “AdPack” you purchase.

But the truth differs from the illusion he created, that he pays you the share via online advertising. Now as everybody knows the answer as the verdict is now confirmed. All income made by the purchase of AdPacks. I repeat only and only AdPacks. It was not a revenue sharing scheme but a pyramid scheme.


This how the website looks

” The case was filed against the company and the people at the backend, in the ‘Salt Lake City’. In reality, he played the head game to haze over the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme. The company has no other source of income that I mentioned above.”

Investors got their payment by the purchase of AdPacks who other people buy. Paypal freezes their bank account after they violates the law.

Let me tell you about the system he created. The investors have to buy the AdPack worth $50 (each). Then in order to generate share for it, you must have to click at least 50 banner ads and time for each visit was 5 seconds. The more you invest the more you make.

He lies to the members that in order to create income for your AdPacks you must have to visit the advertiser’s website.

In the seminar held by the traffic monsoon in London ( January ), the speaker claimed that more than half of the world population has joined the program. The rest who have not are also looking forward to invest in the system. The speaker with his sweet tongue easily convinces everyone.

Paypal found hallmarks of the Ponzi scheme in his business. On 11th, January 2016,  PayPal limited the main account associated, for the further transactions. According to them his business has so rapid growth, and have a very few chargeback request which is not ordinary, unlike other businesses.

He kept this fact in the dark, while the investors continue to put the money in. Later on, 11 July when account freez was ended. he withdrew 20.37 Million USD from that account.

Despite his nefarious foul practices in maintaining the accounts of the company, he kept attempting to maintain the trust of the investors by posting on facebook.

Some people are so dumb that they supported him. Updated their facebook status with the tag that he is totally legit

and they have belief in him.

Amazingly, some people stand in support of him and said, donate $1 to save him. What a holy crap.

Same thing happens to the program know as ‘My advertising Pays’. It was also very successful but they also get into the same problem. Their website is working till now. They are also not giving payouts. They are fighting the case in the court as per lany booth.

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