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How to create PayPal account in Pakistan [verified + step by step]

paypal in pakistan

This is an updated version of my How to make PayPal in Pakistan step by step article. 

In the previous version of this article, I claimed that it is no longer a possibility to make PayPal via Payoneer card. That trick was working back in 2013-2014. Well, that still the case.

But now we can make use of Payoneer to make a PayPal account. You might be wondering, that in the above paragraph I was saying it is not possible today and it is the thing of past and now I am saying you can make use of it. Is this guy is retarded or what?

Sit back and relax. What I mean here is although you can make use of your Payoneer card. But still, you can use its bank account details for verification. Hi, dun leaves the article now it not that easy as it seems.

Now, if you want to create your PayPal account so you must keep it in mind that there is a risk. As PayPal is not working in Pakistan. So in the registration form, you don’t find Pakistan thus you have to go with the fake information.

Precautions and bits of advice which I have learned from experience

Even after you make Paypal verified. I recommend you to please go through the precautions below. As it is always better. It is a must read, I have summed up what I have learned so far from my experience.

  • The very first thing is, you must have a friend, relative or any other person whom you can trust. In a country which PayPal supports. If no then you are going blind. If yes then ask him for his information and fill up in the registration. I am saying this because if by chance you are limited or froze. You ask your friend or relative that give them a phone call. After verification, your account will become on its normal state.
  • Don’t open your account so often. Log in when you really need it.
  • Make a documentation folder on your PC. Where you save the information of your each and every transaction. Again this will help you in the worst case scenario.
  • Don’t change your password. Saying it again doesn’t change your password. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in your account again. In order to log in, you have to first verify. It happened to me when I changed the password and then when I try to log in they said that you are unable to log in due to the incorrect password. I go for the password recovery even after several attempts I was unable to log in. I lost about $100. If by chance you changed the password and stuck as I was. But if you followed my first step (to register your account on your relative or friends information). Then there is no problem. Ask him to give them a call and after verification, you will be able to log in your account.
  • To avoid getting the headache of forget password thing use chrome auto password generator service and dun forget to click save. When the popup appears.  Make sure you are signed in, in chrome so otherwise, you can lose password in case of hard reset.
  • [MOST IMPORTANT ONE] Make two accounts and keep one for receiving the money and other for storing the money. What I mean here is. There is a new strike by PP which people are getting very often. In fact, I myself is a victim of it so just added it this point here. The simple way to use this trick is to move money to your storage PP account rather than keeping all your money in the one in which you are receiving. Believe me if you dun takes this serious your PP account will freeze.
  • When you move your money from receiving account to reserve account make sure you send money as service don’t use friend or family option or else you will get flagged.
  • [ATTENTION EBAY SELLERS!] If you are new to eBay or even you are selling for a while just remember if your average monthly sales are getting unexpected spikes. Keep moving your money to your reserve PP account. Because sooner or later you are gonna get MC 101 strike from eBay. In that case, your eBay and PayPal account both will get limited.
  • Although your account is verified still it is not legit. That means if you get a strike so you can’t prove the identity thus it will get limited. Saying it again make a reserve Paypal account.
  • Make sure when you access Paypal. I would recommend you to always use it over VPN or a VPS which is even better.
  • If you are using Paypal via VPN make sure you enable kill switch in your VPN. It will help you to not to get exposed if your VPN connection drops.
  • Use Paypal on the incognito mode. In chrome, you can activate it by pressing CTRL + Shift + N simultaneously.
  • Install WebRTC web shield extension it will prevent you from browser DNS leaks. When you are using VPN sometimes your browser is leaking the DNS address which may get you caught ( what I mean by here is it may leak your original location)
  • Before opening PayPal via VPN make sure you go to google and search my location now. Verify your location first then use it as sometimes it happens that VPN show it is connected to ABC country and it is actually connected to XYZ country.
  • Use a separate browser, if you usually use chrome so go for Chromium browser. It is a modified version of it. With the same features.
  • Always remember the city name which you have selected at the time of registration in VPN and always connect and use it from there.
  • If you have bought a VPS(virtual private server) which a bit costly but better then VPN. So keep in mind dun shut down your VPS or else if you do so PayPal may ask you for a text confirmation. Point of the matter is that dun buys the hourly VPS like from Azure or google cloud as they offer pay as you go service. Go for companies which offer on a monthly basis so you can keep your server up and running 24/7.

How to make PayPal account in Pakistan 

When you are sure that you have read the above precaution so make sure you apply them. Precautions will help you from a future headache. After all, it’s your money and your account. Do what you wanna do. But if you follow the steps you will be safe In Shaa Allah.

In the previous update of this blog, I introduced the method of Entropay which is now obsolete. As after change in Entropay terms, you can no longer generate card. I got this email on October 21st, 2018

paypal in Pakistan

In order to open PayPal account in Pakistan, there are still a couple of ways. I have listed some of them below

  1. Via UAE IP (Relatively old method but still working)
  2. Via VCC and VBA (New for some of you but an old method)
  3. Via Payoneer bank details(Relatively new method)
  4. Via ITIN(You might haven’t heard it before)
  5. Via Company formation method(Costly but 100% legit)
  6. [BONUS METHOD] Via Estonian e-residency card(Too much costly but 100% legit)

The third method was the method I kept secret for a long while for my self only. But when I saw people are selling this method on facebook groups. Now I decided to disclose it so that everyone can get his Paypal account under his own name.

In all of the methods, I have listed above I recommend either go with VPN or VPS. Or otherwise due to the change in your geolocation. Your account might get limited. Even the original US account holders sometimes get to verify their identity if the move in Asia(countries where PayPal dun offer their services) for holidays.

I would recommend you go for NordVPN, that’s what I use personally. I was using VyperVPN back then but I had issues.


So the first method in the list is via UAE IP. To open Paypal account via this method you gotta follow the steps below.

There are certain downsides with it. VOIP services are banned in UAE that’s why you can’t get a virtual phone number. Thus if PayPal asks for verification code so you can’t give and it will ultimately get you limited.

Friend and family send option is only limited the for customers in the US and some other countries. For those who don’t know, what is the friend is family send option it is you can send money to your relative or friend with zero fees. But remember don’t send money to the seller via this option as you can’t ask for a refund.

First of all, open your VPN app and select UAE server.

Open chrome in incognito mode.

Go to

Navigate to signup

It will ask you for business or personal account go for Personal. But if by chance you have a relative or your anyone who is willing to share his documents you can also go for Business account.

payoneer paypal

Fill up your details on the first page and it is simple. Dun forget to use auto password generator. You can use it by right-clicking and then the option will appear. However, it is up to you.

how to create paypal in Pakistan

Now, this step is a bit tricky. As you dun live in Pakistan so select Pakistan in country option. It may later ask for Pakistani passport also for verification.

how to create paypal in Pakistan

If you want to do it in a more legit way google, buy a postal address in UAE. You can buy service from there so that you can get a legit postal address. However, I haven’t used it my self. But this is also another way that people use.

Here it also asks you for a phone number. It will be good if you have a friend or family in UAE so you can put his/ her number or you have to put a fake phone number. Otherwise, as I told you before there is no VoIP service available. btw if you know any service on which you can receive text and messages dun forget to mention it. I’ll add it up.

Now it may take you to this page, click try this later and move forward

how to create paypal in Pakistan

Pakistani CreditCard and DebitCard won’t work so you gotta buy a VCC for that and put up VCC details. If any promotion appears so skip it.

how to create paypal in PakistanTaa Daah after linking your card you’ll be redirected to the welcome page.

Your account is now 70% verified. To make it 100% you have to buy a VBA(virtual bank account).

Via VCC and VBA

I don’t know about you but whenever I read VCC and VBA it reminds me of Stealth account sellers.

In this method, I recommend you to select USA or Canada in your VPN. Make sure you don’t select a popular city like NewYork.

For this tutorial, I am going for Austin, TX.

Fill up the form with your information.

how to make paypal in pakistan

Now again you got two option either fill total fake information or you can actually buy a mailing address online. Google buy Austin(replace it by city name of your choice) mailing address

how to make paypal in pakistan

Now some promotion may appear just find the skip link and skip it. Add your VCC details or if you want to add bank account details then click on add bank.

The good news with this method is that you can buy VoIP for America and Canada so no need to worry. Use DingTone I have been using it for a while never had any issue so far.

You can add VBA details here or if you want so you add your Payoneer bank account details too.
Paypal in Pakistan

I have added card details

payoneer paypal

After that, you have to confirm your pin within 2 or 3 days.

payoneer paypal

The good news with this method is that you can buy VoIP for America and Canada so no need to worry. Use DingTone I have been using it for a while never had any issue so far.

Now you have to put in your VCC information. You dun have VCC no problem go for bank account instead. You can buy VBA also and put it in there however you can’t withdraw money on either of them.

So if you buy mailing address, VCC, VBA, and DingTone your account will be fully verified.

Via Payoneer bank account

I think you guys are more interested in this one. So let’s begin with this method.

Connect VPN to any American city of your choice. Just make sure you if mailbox service and VoIP service of that city is available.

In this method, everything is the same as with the VCC and VBA method but rather putting your Payoneer bank account address.

If you haven’t signed up for Payoneer yet so click here to signup.

Login your Payoneer account. Click on global payment service

Before adding a bank account in Payoneer must check for your limits. Click here to check.

Below are the screenshots of adding Payoneer to PayPal

First of all login to your poyoneer account and nevigate to global payment service.

Paypal Pakistan

Now after that you’ll see your USD bank account details copy it

Paypal Pakistan

Now go to PayPal and make one all setup will be the same as above method. Just use the bank account details of Payoneer.

It will then send a little amount to Payoneer for confirmation and will ask for the amount it charged for confirmation. I took these snaps with my mobile with no intention of writing an article at that time.

paypal pakistan

You can see that how much they credited you by logging in your Payoneer and put the exact deposit value and click confirm

Here is a more clear look direct from my PayPal dashboard.

paypal pakistan

Now here are your bank account details use it. You will also be able to withdraw money into your Payoneer account. You’ll be able to cash out your money via local atm.

Don’t withdraw money to your local bank account as due to some problems banks are not able to receive it, use Payoneer card to cash out via atm instead.

Remember, the name on PayPal and Payoneer should be the same in order to attach bank account.

Via ITIN number

How to make paypal account in pakistan

Introducing you a new ITIN method. In this method, you need a person to submit documents on your behalf in America. You can get American PayPal by this method.

Some people say that it is necessary for a person to be physically in the USA to get one. Which is total bullshit! I got my done via a friend in the US. So you can also get yours.

You might be wondering what is ITIN, it is a number which assigned to non-residents. It stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. It is a 9 digit code same as SSN. You can use it in place of SSN.

Actually if somehow you succeed in getting ITIN number so you can get your PayPal account 100% verified in your name. To make a 100% verified account in your name you gotta sum up above two methods.

Put all of your real information there. When it asks you for your SSN number put in your ITIN number. Use VCC for card verification. Payoneer for bank account verification and DingTone for phone number verification.

This how you can verify it on your name. Dun forget to use VPN or otherwise due to geo-restrictions it might get you limited.

Via Company Formation / Via EIN number

Let me tell this before you start reading this that it is a costly method so keep this in mind. I have seen people doing personally. I haven’t tried it myself yet but seen it as a working method.

So here you have two options

  1. Register a company in EU via b2baltic
  2. Register a company in Delaware or Wyoming

If for some reason you want an EU country so that you will be able to get PayPal. Keep in mind you have to pay approx 20% tax. As the PayPal account will be on the company’s name and the company is registered in your name.

The good side with registering a company in EU is you’ll get VAT id so if you are selling your products in EU market you can sale easily.

The second option is to register a company in Delaware or Wyoming i.e in the USA. There is still a huge difference in Delaware and Wyoming. In Delaware, you have to pay $300 fix state tax. Whereas in Wyoming you don’t have to pay a penny.

After company registration, you can apply for EIN number through the IRS website.

Everything will be the same for making Paypal account you have to do the same things. Use VPN for registration. You have to buy VCC and VBA but remember to select business account as you will be using EIN number. You also have to buy mail address and virtual phone number by DingTone.

Via Estonian e-residency

This is an Ultimate method. You have to apply for Estonian e-residency card. You have to pay a state fee of 100 euros. It will take a month to get your card ready for pickup.

Talking about a normal scenario in which a person has no valid visa of EU or USA. Choose Azarbijan as the pickup location. If you select turkey or Singapore as your pickup location, believe me, you have to ultimately transfer it to Azerbaijan.

You can get your e-visa of Azarbijan within a couple of hours if you for urgent. Turkey issue e-visa for a person having valid US or UK visa. If you don’t have one it will take 1 month to process through Jerrys international visa dropbox and at the end, you’ll get a denial. Its because people go and do dunki thing to escape to Greece. That’s why usually dun grant visa to an individual unless you have a good track record.

As for Singapore, you can get a visa easily, it not that simple but it is relatively easy. But the thing with Singapore is that there is no permanent consulate or Embassy. There is an honorary embassy which only opens three times a year. So if you apply in the odd season you have to wait until they mail you that we are here now please come for pickup.

As for the rest of the process, they will teach you when you go there. That how you can open a company in EU. On the behalf of which how you can register a legal bank account and everything else for Paypal creation.

The best thing about Estonian company is that you dun have to pay tax until you keep investing back that money in your company.

By using this method you can also have access to the Entropay card so you can also withdraw money to the Entropay card and use it for online shopping if you want to. You can also transfer it to your local bank account after transferring money to Entropay. This whole process can take up to a week.

I know each and everything about this method so you need additional information about this so let me know in the comment box. I am skipping the whole process as I think 1 out of 1000 people may go for this method. Feel free to ask if you want to.

How to avoid Paypal jail?

This question all over the internet. Dun worry I got a solution for this too.

In order to avoid PayPal jail. You gotta do following actions.

What I do personally is that, after making a PayPal account. I ask my friend or transfer $5 – $20 in that new account. Then leave that account for 90 days. This way you can avoid PayPal jail.

But what if you need to use it urgently. Now you gotta do one step further but I dun know if you have the resources or not. You have to send the money to your new PayPal with a couple of different accounts. After the sender to mark the item received in the transaction.

By doing this you can avoid it but still, sometimes it holds some money. The other way is if you are selling goods online or sent physical things to the buyer then lucky you. All you have to do is to upload your tracking in there and you are good to go your payment will release soon.

If you know any other method which worked for you let me know I’ll add this up here.

How to reinstate Paypal account?

Here is what happened to me. My Paypal got limited in October 2018. Ps, this PayPal was of UAE.

paypal in pakistan

They asked for verification documents along with a couple of questions. I submitted two pdf one of the questions and other of the document which I edited as I can’t have original even if I want to.

So here is the catch I got an email from Paypal that we will release funds periodically within 180 days. But you can no longer use it afterward. I still dun know that will I get my funds or not.

I tried my best to reinstate my account back to normal but I failed. I was later discussing this issue with my friend. He told me that they got you because you edited that document. I asked him how he said they must have done a forensic report for that pdf. That report clearly told them that the file is edited.

You might be thinking so how can I avoid getting caught in this. Remember whenever you upload a document [Buy/sale]. Print out that document and then scan that print out a copy and then compile that in Pdf and then upload it. It will hardly cost you 100 rs from a local photostat shop.

This way you may be able to get through this.

How to withdraw money from Paypal in Pakistan?

This is the very first issue which came into mind after making Paypal account. That how I am gonna withdraw this amount. Traditionally people use third-party services such as Emoney and others.

But now if you connect your Payoneer card with it you can withdraw the amount via local bank atm.

In case you can’t connect Payoneer card so here is another method. You can convert Paypal balance in Crypto Currency more specifically in BTC via VirWox. Send it to your Binance exchange. Convert it into USDT. Exchange your money via local exchanger. I suggest you to, go face to face when dealing with exchanger. Because the scam is in the air.

You can also buy an Amazon or Itunes card and then sell it on facebook via Jazzcash. Not only you will be able to get your money in a local bank account but you can also make some profit on it.

Which banks support Payoneer card withdrawal?

I have tried and found MCB and bank Alfalah to be working fine for Payoneer withdrawal. Standard Chartered also give this facility but they charged me 500 PKR per withdrawal.

$1 is also charged if your transaction gets declined so make sure you are entering the right amount. Payoneer dollar rate is usually lower than the exchange rates. If local rates are $1 = 120 Pkr you will be getting 109 PKR for a dollar for Payoneer.

Can’t use my paypal balance for purchase?

First of let me clear this upfront that this not due to PayPal jail. If your account is not mature then you may face this issue but the issue which I am referring to is for the mature account.

That if you have mature account and yet you are getting this error

This is the error we as a Pakistanis see very often. I came across this error when I was trying to buy the Aherfs subscription from money in my account.

It was forcing me to buy via cc or debit card and I was not able to use my PayPal balance.

After several tries, I came to know that I was putting my Pakistani address on checkout later when I changed it to Canada it worked fine.

It’s not that only Canada address will work but everything other then Pakistani address will work

Why PayPal is not working in Pakistan?

I get this question very often that why it is not working only in Pakistan. Paypal is giving its services in India and Bangladesh so why not Pakistan. The answer to your question is very simple. That is because banks are not providing the overdraft facility. That is due to political influence in my opinion.

What is overdraft facility? As PayPal give buyer and seller protection. They also need to have overdraft facility that if in case if buyer or seller scam on and other or due to some circumstances there is no money in his PayPal account so PayPal don’t have to give the refund to the buyer or seller by their pocket.

In overdraft, if you dun has money in the bank account then the bank is gonna give money from your account on your behalf. But your account balance will go in negative. Bank may also charge interest over it.

So to introduce PayPal there will be a change in how the bank works. They have to introduce the overdraft facility.

Finance Minister Mr. Asad Umar said that they are in talks with Paypal. Hopefully, it will start their services in Pakistan very soon. But it not that easy as it seems. As I told you there will be a lot of lawmaking in order to protect banks from thugs.

A young Pakistani blogger Iqra Hameed met PayPal representatives in Newyork, USA.

According to her Paypal is not coming to Pakistan anytime soon. Have a look at her post your own.

If you have any comment or questions or want to add anything up in this article let me know by using the comment box below. I’ll more than happy to help you out.

Share your presence by sharing this on social media. Spread knowledge and help people around you to experience the charm.


I am not promoting and encouraging any illegal activity, all contents provided by this blog is meant for educational purposes only. I am not responsible if anyone forged document/information to make Paypal through these methods. I am not responsible for any wrongdoing by using or implementing these methods. I am also not responsible if your account gets limited or you lose your funds. You are responsible for your own.

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    I bought a VCC from the Aspkin forums and it got my account limited. So I would say be cautious on who you buy from for VCCs. I personally just use my Payoneer to verify if you can.

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