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litecoin vps

As the world of cryptocurrency emerges and people get to know about it. Now people are also want to buy things from it such as now you are here in search of Litecoin VPS.

As of today, there are a few providers who accept Litecoin as a payment method.

I have already written an article about VPS provider who accepts bitcoin and also dedicated server provider who accepts bitcoin you can also check them out.

Litcoin VPS 

So without any further due let’s move towards the list of providers. Buy windows VPS with Litecoin.

Host Winds | Managed and unmanaged Litecoin vps hosting


Grabbing the top spot is Hostwinds it is because of there customer support. I have been personally using them for about 2 years.

Although they are relatively young they have won the hearts due to customer support. Once a wise man said that customers are your biggest promoter. Yes, it is the case for them here I am promoting them. Host winds is in currently 500 fastest growing companies.

They offer 60 days money back guarantee so in case if you are not satisfied you can get your money back. They are offering 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and ticket. You’ll normally get your ticket reply within a couple of minutes, as per my personal experience.

As for the pricing, it is pretty standard. You’ll get at most $1-2 dollar difference if you see so, but once again let me tell you their brilliant customer support will cover it up.

They currently offer two types of VPS hosting managed and unmanaged so if you are not geeky so go for manged. There is no big difference in price. Linux and windows vps hosting both are available.

Each VPS is packed up with SSD drives so dun worry about speed. With automatic nighly backups you also dun have to worry about your data. They offer port speed of 1 GBPS. All VPS are DDoS protected so sit back and relax. You can also get cloud backup for $1 per month.

They also offer free website transfers. You can also install a custom ISO. Their payments are processer accepts more than 15 cryptocurrencies.

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qhoster bitcoin vps

They have servers all around the globe. Qhoster provide the sanity check for Litecoin wallet on a regular basis so you dun have to worry about your Litecoins getting stolen or something.

They have DDoS protected servers which can withstand to DDoS attacks up to 480 Gbps. So you dun have to worry about that too. You are on the safe side.

Qhoster offers Linux vps in which virtualization technology is OpenVZ and Xen. It also offers windows vps in which virtualization technology is RDP. They also offer managed Cpanel vps which can be deployed within 1 minute.

You will get link speed of, 1 Gbps. They also offer IPv4 subnetting for SEO purposes. However, you can also get about 64 IPs on a vps. You can add it at the time of purchase or later without any hassle.

Having about 16 server location worldwide to be exact and 13 geolocation. Which can provide you a wide verity of choice for choosing your server locations. You may be worried about the customer service but dun worry they even provide customer support via Skype.

Below is the list of locations where their servers are located.

  • America ( Texas, California, Georgia states, New York, New Jersey, Florida )
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherland
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Singapore

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bitcoin vps

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Router Hosting


In the third position is Router Hosting. Although I dun like the interface of the website however their specs are good that’s why I put it here. They are in the business for 10 years, but the website is not as should be in 2018.

They provide Linux based vps on KVM technology that means it is a robust offer. In KVM resources can be oversold that’s a good point. As for Windows it an RDP server.

You will pay for VPS but it will run like as a dedicated server as it is powered by KVM. They are not located worldwide, however, they have 8 data centers in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in Germany and also one in Canda which is enough I guess, isn’t it?

As for disk space, they offer raid 10 SSD storage which is the best as of today. You’ll get high speed with high redundancy.

With 7 days money back guarantees, you dun have to worry about your money.

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Well securing the fourth position in the list is MonoVM. Their data centers are located in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

If you want to buy windows vps with Litecoin then no problem all of the hosts provide windows vps hosting.

Well, the thing I don’t like in comparison is they only provide 3 IPs per vps. But when we talk about Qhoster you can get 64 IPs per vps. You can deploy your vps within 30 minutes so which is nearly considered as the instant when we do the comparison between others as some hosts take 2 – 5 days setting up one.

Talking about customers support they do give chat, ticket and call support. They do reply to the ticket within 15 minutes at most.

You’ll get full root access however in order to change the operating system of the vps you have to submit the ticket and it will be changed within 1 – 3 hours.  As for DDoS protection, they don’t provide DDoS protection.

Port speed is 1Gbits per second and bandwidth is unlimited. So yeah they are at least not limiting the bandwidth this a good point.

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THC Servers


Coming at the last is THC Servers. Been around for a long time. They offer root level access with 24/7 support and port monitoring.

You’ll get 1 dedicated IP and ad up to 3 IPs. Servers are located in America and Europe. Illinois, California, France Germany Romania and Singapore to be exact.

The only provider I have seen so far who have told about their facility. All facility is UPS and generator powered so in case of any load-shedding you’ll not face any downtime. The facility is anti-fire, dry pipe system is installed to suppress the fire. Every entrance and exit is controlled by card key and also 24/7 camera vigilance.

After reading this on their website I was like wooohoo their facility is superb.

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Well, these are the best hosting providers I found as of today and listed them up as one. If you any other VPS hosting provider who accepts Litecoin and you want us to include it in our list let us know, we will be happy to include it. Btw dun forget to share it with others and spread the love.


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