goeasyearn scam

Goeasyearn review scam exposed!

goeasyearn scam

Goeasyearn is a self-claimed pay per view or pay per visit program. They claim that they will pay you money for each unique visitor you send to their website.

As people are always looking for easy money making methods. When they saw this website they blindly start to promote this website. later when they realize that it is a scam, it is far too late. In the meantime, you act as a promoter to a fake scheme and scammer bank his bank.

Same thing goes for goeasyearn which looks so decent that they will pay you a penny per unique visitor.

As you accidently or intentionally reach their website. They said that they will pay you $2 on the signup. The least cashout threshold is $5.

Something is fishy!

All the things they said sounds very cool. But the truth is that they will never pay you. As of my story I signup for their account. On the very first login, they said $2 has been transferred to your account. I use one of my websites to promote them. This how I instantly refer a huge amount of visitors to their website.

On the other day when I log in my account it was above $5. I click on request cashout. They navigate me to the blank page and a line was written there that mail us on the email address and we will pay you at the earliest.

I sent them an email right away, but no response. Send them the email again but no response. Then I thought something is fishy.

I googled, but not found even a single person claiming that they paid him. I realize that they were a scam and I become a victim of them.

They are making at least $3o per day by google Adsense and scamming people.


Later, I decided to write an article and expose the scam so that others become aware of this scam.

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