How much does a dedicated server costs

dedicated server

How much does a dedicated server cost? this question is often asked by people when they are comparing and looking for the best option to go with which fits their budget.

An average dedicated server will cost you anywhere from $55 to $150 per month. Whereas high-performance dedicated servers will cost you $250 to $550 a month. Gaming dedicated server will cost you anywhere from $99 a month to 2 grand a month as it also has a dedicated GPU. The cost of the dedicated server is determined by the resources it offers. 

It is the rule of thumb the more money you put in the more value you’ll get

Before moving forward let me ask you a question! what do you need a dedicated server?

Your answer may be that I want it for my website. Okay, I got it. But are you sure your website need one and you are not wasting your money on a dedicated server?.

Or you a gamer and need a dedicated server well your case is not so different. It is obvious that a dedicated server is a better option then vps. As gaming generally consume more resources. Running games on VPS will overload the CPU and you’ll face lag. On which we gamers can’t compromise

It is for sure you need a dedicated server but are you sure you need it with GPU?

If you are not quite sure about that let me walk you through the consequences when you’ll need a dedicated server.

Are you a website owner already or you are just starting a website?

In case if you are just starting a website I suggest you start with shared hosting as it is cheap and get your job done. This website is also running on shared hosting. But if you are already a website owner and was hosting your website on a shared server and looking for an upgrade.

In that case, you can either go on vps server or a dedicated server. Now you may be thinking wth is vps server now?

Vps server is abbreviated for a virtual private server, let me break down it for you. There are multiple VPS servers hosted on a dedicated server machine. Means all the virtual servers are sharing the same resources.

This is a better option in compersion to shared hosting but if you are already on VPS server and looking for the upgrade then you can go for a dedicated server as there are no shared resources. Thus you’ll get a better experience overall.

Things to look when choosing a dedicated server 

Resources, it includes the CPU RAM and Storage of the server. You should google when selecting so that you can compare and check out the best option available. As RAM and Storage of a server are clearly mentioned and easy to read. But we usually don’t know about the server by their names so it’s better to look for CPU cores and how much of Gigahertz are they.

Customer support is the king in terms of building loyalty. So best host makes sure that they are giving superb customer support. You gotta make sure they are providing outstanding customer service by reading some reviews online about their services.

DDoS protection is essential because if you are online sooner or later you gonna face this kind of attacks. I personally have faced DDoS attack on my sister site. But unfortunately, NC is not DDoS protected thus my website was down for a day. Thankfully I restored as I had a backup.

Bandwidth is another game changer when selecting a dedicated server it is most probably that you need greater resources that’s why you are going for a dedicated server. Normally the ingoing and outgoing traffic bandwidth is more than enough of most of the hosts. But if you are a hardcore gamer and using it for gaming then make sure you select the gaming server exclusively as for them it is made sure that bandwidth is Unlimted.

Windows or Linux which one is better?

It is clear by the name that windows server is powered by Windows and Linux by Linux. If you are a little tech savvy then I’d recommend you to go with Linux server but if you are just normal user then probably windows is the best option for you.

But there is a lot more than being tech savvy.

Make sure that if the apps you gonna use on the server is available for both platforms. Normally not all apps are platform independent. For what I mean here is have both versions for Windows and Linux. Most apps out there have both of them. But there are still many which only runs on windows only.

So it might be a turning point for you.

In my opinion, in Linux, you dun have to worry about virus and other stuff which slow down the server. You will get the pure performance, on the other hand, talking about windows normally when you get a couple of updates it gets slow over time then you have to reinstall it.

In windows server you have to pay for everything first in the line is licensing of its own pay Microsoft for windows than for every software you install on it. On the other hand, most of the software for Linux is open source which means you dun have to pay a dime.

One thing I personally do not like in Linux is the way in which it installs the software. As of today in Ubuntu, some software has a simple click install like windows but not all do. I don’t know about other distros I have only used Ubuntu so I can only talk about it.

But still in Ubuntu sometimes software installation become one hell of a headache.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

Dedicated server means a dedicated resource. Which is a solution to most of the problems Nearly everything about a dedicated server is directly proportional to its resources.

As resources are dedicated so it is much more reliable and not gonna face any lag or downtime due to more resource use. You’ll get a better performance overall.

In comparison to shared server/VPS dedicated server has better security because in dedicated server you are the only user and you dun has to worry about security as you know all gates are locked.

But in if you are on shared hosting and a user on shared hosting gets hacked or exposed to a potential malware there is still is chance that you can also get affected by it. Which obviously you don’t gonna face in the dedicated server.

Is there any disadvantage? 

Some people consider cost as a disadvantage but in my opinion, it should be as the cost is equivalent to the value you are getting so how the cost is a disadvantage?

I suggest you if you are new and you don’t know how much resources you need for your project then go for the least budget option. If in case it doesn’t work out then just tell them you wanna upgrade they will upgrade you gladly.

Should I buy managed or unmanaged server?

Everything that comes under the umbrella or reliability such as hardware, network and any other things which are necessary for a server to keep it up and running is provided in both managed and unmanaged server.

Dedicated server hosting companies charge you more for the managed server. Well, that is obvious as the management is at their end. But the thing we have to keep in mind that what they are offering in the name of management?

Because this varies from provider to provider. However, normally servers are fully managed so you dun have to worry about anything. Although it is always good to ask the support, what they are actually offering rather than getting disappointment latter.

Generally in the managed server, you dun have to worry about load balancing, updating the operating system and most importantly about the security issues. They will run regular scans for detection of rootkits, botnets, and malware to keep your server secure.

Do they offer free backup in the managed server?

The simple and very straight forward answer is no. You have to pay more if you want them to do regular backups for you. Most dedicated server providers offer free nightly backups.

How much traffic can my dedicated server handle?

Handling traffic depends on various factors. As it depends on the amount of resource a visitor consume.

It also depends on the way your website is coded. It is a big factor because if the code is not properly organized then not only it consumes more resources but also slow down your website.

Same hardware will show different results on using it in different ways. A modern dynamic website will have different numbers in comparison to a static website.

Cloud vs Dedicated server which one is better? 

Still with me? good

The main difference comes in terms of scalability, in the cloud, you can upgrade or downgrade your resources and cut the cost any time. Whereas in dedicated hosting, server provider doesn’t care whether it is fully loaded or running free.

Because even if you shut down the dedicated server the resources are always reserved for you.  Plus there always a limit for hardware resources to upgrade. But for cloud you can just add up as much you want and whenever you want.

Although normally all the physical servers nowadays are equipped with raid technology in order to protect the data. But in the cloud, you have better security of data as the cloud is already a distributed and then with the raid.

Do you need to switch?

If you are getting loads of traffic

tbh, you have to go through a couple of things in order to know this. First of all log into your dashboard if you are using WordPress and see the traffic you are getting on a daily basis. If you are getting approx 30 thousand page views per month.

Then head over to GtMatrix or Pingdom and see the response time of the server if it is more then 0.1 second then you gotta look for a better option means upgrading to a dedicated server can resolve this problem.

If your website is of an agency or service provider

According to the study if your website is not loaded in 0.2 seconds then 60% of users left the web page and for another option. When you are running an agency or a service providing website then you must make sure that your server is good an no one will bounce off your website due to slow response time or due to downtime.

On a shared server, there is always a probability that your server can go down if your other shared user uses all of its resources. Even if your website does not go down it starts to lag and run slow which give the visitor an overall bad user experience.

As for bloggers, this term has often used that content is king, but when you are running an agency website or providing service you have to take care of another quote which is the customer is king, and for the king, the door must be open every time. You have to make sure that your website doesn’t show lag or goes down at any time.

Final Words

By now you have all the information, I think one needs to know before actually going to purchase a dedicated server. There a lot of things you need to consider so by this time after reading this article you may have in your mind that what you want to buy. In the end, I am recommending a dedicated server provider in case you need guidance.

  • For low budget and reliability choose Hostwinds
  • For offshore server go for Liberty
  • For renowned service go for A2Hosting

If you are still stuck anywhere and need help to clear your mind and for heading in the right direction don’t hesitate to comment below will help you out asap.


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