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Well, are you looking for dedicated server bitcoin accepted?. You are at right place. I have created a list of dedicated server hosts who accepts bitcoin.
Let me tell you about dedicated server. A dedicated server is a virtual machine on which you have full control. On your hardware software. It’s all up to you when you want to reboot, change the operating system or run anything on it. You can install Cpanel on it and host websites. Can host game server on in like Minecraft, CS GO, Dota 2 or any other which you want to. You can also use it run software such GSA(link scrapers), traffic exchange bots or cryptocurrency miners.
Dedicated Server is the only way to make your website stand on a top among other websites in performance wise and you know what’s another best thing about it? Rankings. As in words of famous movie quotes, with great performance comes great ranking. It is known to anyone who has a basic knowledge of rankings of websites in search engines that websites with better performance rank high in the Google, Bing etc.
As we are going to give you a whole lot of information about Dedicated servers then why not let just get started with the basics? In common meaning, a dedicated server is commonly a server that lets you host websites in a much more sophisticated and ‘cooler’ way by giving you your own server to host your website. It is personally managed by you and you are the only one using the server and hosting your website. But there are also managed dedicated servers in which you don’t have to do anything your hosting provider will manage your server.

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? What should I prefer?

This is a question often asked by the starters. The one who want to or just started a new blog or website and are new to hosting. Well for them let me tell you that in shared hosting plan all resources are limited. In another way, you are bound. If you are on shared hosting plan, sometimes you may face decresed performance, becuse some on your shared hosting is using more resourses.

One may argue that many website hosting providers have a fair usage policy. Yes I would never disagree with you on it but to what extent?. Another website can suddenly start using high resources and it would cost your website too until the hosting provider gets to know about it and they issue a warning to the webmaster.

What if those high resource usages cost you a downtime? So I would say it again, it’s simply not worth it. Besides, that most of the shared hosting providers are just reselling from other hosting providers resulting in the crappy website hosting. This is totally not worth it if you are serious about your website.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers great performance and reliability to your website because you are the only one hosting your website, just one user. It’s a little expensive way but it’s the sure-fire way to improve your website performance whether you are hosting your personal website or business.

Well to be honest shared hosting is good when you are starting a new website. But when you gain some authority and able to get thousands of visitors per day. You have to take precaution and shift to a dedicated server. So that you will not face any issues in future.

Dedicated Server will let you have unlimited bandwidth, disk space etc. It lets you have a total control on your website, it’s a perfect option whether you are running an online store or your grandmother’s memorial website.


Dedicated server bitcoin accepted netdepot

They are specialized in Cloud and dedicated server. As they only provide them. They have an experience of 22 years. Servers located in Georgia, NewYork and Texas.

  • Deployment within 4 hours
  • Buydown option (In case you wanna test them)
  • IPMI Automation on all servers
  • Multiple 10 Gbps uplinks
  • Cisco based Network
  • Automated VPN access
  • Unlimited inbound bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Separate Public & Private VLAN
  • CDN also supported
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack Compatability

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Dedicated server bitcoin accepted unihost

UniHost is one, who accepts bitcoin. They provide a range of dedicated servers. Some of which are game servers, big data server, normal dedicated server and GPU servers.

They are in the industry since 2001. So they definitely doing well that’s why they exist till now.

  • 100-500 GB free backup storage
  • 2.5% on 6 months , 5% off on 12 months
  • No setup fees (limited time)
  • Up to 3gbps link speed
  • Up to 256 dedicated IPs with no monthly fees
  • Servers in Germany Canada, Ukraine and France.
  • KVM IP
  • Anti DDOS*
  • Unlimited data transfer*
  • Up to 512 Gb of ram
  • Full control servers
  • GPU servers also available

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Hoster boxDedicated server bitcoin accepted hosterbox

They are in the industry since 2005 but claim to be since1998 from a different name. Dedicated servers located in Missouri, America and Montreal, Canada. They also offer the money back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied with the service. Some other features are below.

  • Up to 20 TB data transfer
  • Up to 32 GB of ram
  • 5 dedicated IPs
  • 1 Gbps link speed
  • Up to 2tb of HD
  • 24/7  customer support
  • Full control servers

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QHosterDedicated server bitcoin accepted qhoster

They are in the industry since 2004.

  • 5 dedicated IPs
  • 1gbps Uplink speed
  • Servers located in Switzerland and USA
  • Save 10% on 12-month plan
  • Full control
  • Verity of payments methods accepts other coins like dogecoin and lite coin.
  • DDOS protection*
  • Servers located in 9 countries which include USA, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Netherland, Ludhiana, Italy and Bulgaria.

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Dedicated server bitcoin accepted Namecheap

They are in the business since 2001. They are well known for startups because of their amazing customer service. I am using their services for about 2 years and fully satisfied from them.

  • Ready in 4 hours
  • Up to 64 GB of ram
  • 100 TB of bandwidth
  • Single CPU multiple cores and Multiple CPU Multiple cores.
  • Award winning customer support

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If you want me to list your service too. let me know. Have any questions? don’t hesitate to use the comment box below. I’ll be more then happy to answer your quries.

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