Top 5 Dedicated server bitcoin accepted

dedicated server bitcoin accepted

Well, are you looking for dedicated server bitcoin accepted?. You are at the right place. I have created a list of dedicated server hosts who accept bitcoin.
Let me tell you about dedicated server. A dedicated server is a virtual machine on which you have full control. On your hardware software. It’s all up to you when you want to reboot, change the operating system or run anything on it. You can install Cpanel on it and host websites. Can host game server on in like Minecraft, CS GO, Dota 2 or any other which you want to. You can also use it run software such as GSA(link scrapers), traffic exchange bots or cryptocurrency miners.
Dedicated Server is the only way to make your website stand on a top among other websites in performance wise and you know what’s another best thing about it? Rankings. As in words of famous movie quotes, with great performance comes great ranking. It is known to anyone who has a basic knowledge of rankings of websites in search engines that websites with better performance rank high in the Google, Bing etc.
As we are going to give you a whole lot of information about Dedicated servers then why not let just get started with the basics? In common meaning, a dedicated server is commonly a server that lets you host websites in a much more sophisticated and ‘cooler’ way by giving you your own server to host your website. It is personally managed by you and you are the only one using the server and hosting your website. But there are also managed dedicated servers in which you don’t have to do anything your hosting provider will manage your server.

This question is often asked that what are the factors on which dedicated server depends you can check out this article, you’ll love it.

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? What should I prefer?

This is a question often asked by the starters. The one who wants to or just started a new blog or website and are new to hosting. Well for them let me tell you that in shared hosting plan all resources are limited. In another way, you are bound. If you are on a shared hosting plan, sometimes you may face decreased performance, because some on your shared hosting is using more resources.

One may argue that many website hosting providers have a fair usage policy. Yes I would never disagree with you on it but to what extent?. Another website can suddenly start using high resources and it would cost your website too until the hosting provider gets to know about it and they issue a warning to the webmaster.

What if those high resource usages cost you a downtime? So I would say it again, it’s simply not worth it. Besides, that most of the shared hosting providers are just reselling from other hosting providers resulting in the crappy website hosting. This is totally not worth it if you are serious about your website.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers great performance and reliability to your website because you are the only one hosting your website, just one user. It’s a little expensive way but it’s the sure-fire way to improve your website performance whether you are hosting your personal website or business.

Well, to be honest, shared hosting is good when you are starting a new website. But when you gain some authority and ability to get thousands of visitors per day. You have to take precaution and shift to a dedicated server. So that you will not face any issues in the future.

Dedicated Server will let you have unlimited bandwidth, disk space etc. It lets you have a total control on your website, it’s a perfect option whether you are running an online store or your grandmother’s memorial website.



I was comparing the pricing options to put in some cheaper dedicated server in the list with a good reputation in the market. I have used their VPS and WordPress Hosting but never get time to look into their dedicated server portion. But until recently I found out that it is a better value for your money. So here it is I just put it on my website.

TBH apart from the performance, the thing which is turning point from me is personally is support. If the host is providing you support and it is fast so boom! I am all yours. That’s what I like about Hostwinds and Namecheap that they do exceptionally well to assist their customers.

So let dive into what HostWinds offer you. First of all their dedicated servers are fully managed so just sit back and relax. All servers are DDoS protected it not written on the sales page but as I have used it so I know it is in there. All you have to do it to just enable it. If you can’t find just do the chat support and they’ll tell you how to activate it.

Their network is Cisco based, I dunno if it matters but mentioning it in the way. Because sitting here all I want is the performance without any downtime and I am getting it. You can have up to 256 GB of ram. One thing I dun like what every host does that you gotta pay more for the raid, but if you are cautious about your data you have to spend some more.

It is great for SEO purposes as you can add more IPs (up to 128) obviously for the extra buck but just wanna mention it that you can get more IPs if you want to. Nightly backups are enabled and offered for free. Btw forgot to mention above that you got unlimited bandwidth.

ps. they offer 60 days money back guarantee but what I guarantee you that you are not gonna use it.

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Server Folio


Server folio offers a verity of geolocations to get your server in. They are currently providing their service from 8 countries. The United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, and the United States. The best thing about Server Folio is that they only offer Dedicated servers so that means you’ll get a better quality at least because it is the only thing they are earning money from.

They will charge you no setup fee same as Hostwinds. You’ll get full root access to your server, you can add up to 16 IPs. Talking about my favorite topic support they do offer email and ticket support but not the chat support hope that they will put it there.

You got a wide verity of product to fit your needs, they offer dedicated servers ( the normal generic ones) but if you are game enthusiast they also got something for you. They offer games servers from 7 of the above-mentioned locations. These game dedicated servers are specifically designed for gaming as CPU is overclocked for better gaming performance. Offering a special gaming anti-DDoS firewall, they claim that before even the user notices the attack it is already been stopped. Gaming servers are equipped with NVMe and SSD drives, which guarantees ultimate performance.

If you want a GPU dedicated server so np they got ya. They dun have a choice but you can get NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 equipped server which can assist you for cloud gaming or 3D graphics project or for whatever reason you want a dedicated GPU server it.

As I told you before it got something for everyone, they also offer storage dedicated server with a wide verity of packages.

You’ll server will be up and running within 24 Hours however they ask for 72 hours.

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Hoster box

hosterbox bitcoin vps

They are in the industry since 2005 but claim to be since1998 from a different name. Dedicated servers located in Missouri, America and Montreal, Canada. They also offer the money back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied with the service. Some other features are below.

  • Up to 20 TB data transfer
  • Up to 32 GB of ram
  • 5 dedicated IPs
  • 1 Gbps link speed
  • Up to 2tb of HD
  • 24/7  customer support
  • Full control servers

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qhoster bitcoin vps

They are in the industry since 2004.

  • 5 dedicated IPs
  • 1gbps Uplink speed
  • Servers located in Switzerland and USA
  • Save 10% on 12-month plan
  • Full control
  • Verity of payments methods accepts other coins like dogecoin and lite coin.
  • DDOS protection*
  • Servers located in 9 countries which include USA, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Netherland, Ludhiana, Italy and Bulgaria.

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namecheap bitcoin vps

They are in the business since 2001. They are well known for startups because of their amazing customer service. I am using their services for about 2 years and fully satisfied with them.

  • Ready in 4 hours
  • Up to 64 GB of ram
  • 100 TB of bandwidth
  • Single CPU multiple cores and Multiple CPU Multiple cores.
  • Award-winning customer support

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Some people also use a dedicated server to host masternode but if you are looking for vps I have created a list of best vps for masternode you can check it out!

If you want me to list your service too. let me know. Have any questions? don’t hesitate to use the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.


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