1 cent VPS Interserver trail first month offer

1 cent vps

People usually prefer to get the trail before using the service. Trail ensures that the money is invested in the right place. If you are satisfied with the service in the trail time period then you may pay for their premium services.

Same goes for the VPS. People want to test it first then want to buy it. But the problem is that there are only a few VPS providers which give a trail.

The one who does gives very fewer resources so you are unable to test it at its full pace.

Even the trail cost you $10 which is not fair.

So, I no problem your frustration ends now. I know the VPS provider which gives you VPS trail for almost free. Because 1 cent has no worth nowadays. There is a VPS provider which is in the industry for about 16 years now.

Interserver is the one whom I am talking about.  They give you trail for only one cent for the first month and if you like the service then you may pursue.

Specification for the service is as follow

  • 1 GB of ram
  • 25 GB of storage
  • multiple operating system support ( but Linux for the trail )

These are the specification which normally a VPS provider gives. They give you what you get in real also for the testing purpose.

  1. In order to get the trail ( 1 cent for the first month ) click here
  2. Now go do not change the resources carry on as same specification above.
  3. Enter coupon code “1cent” without quotes.
  4. now you will see the price will be reduced from $6 to 1 cent VPS
  5. complete the billing and signup process
  6. Enjoy

If you like it share it. So that maximum people can avail the opportunity.

Disclaimer: This offer is also valid for windows VPS but you will get 40% discount on windows VPS. It worth $10 but after applying the coupon code. You will get it for $6. 1 cent VPS


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